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For over 20 years, Cornerstone Crushing has been Toledo and Northwest Ohio’s trusted source for demolition, removal, and recycling of concrete, asphalt, brick, block, and other construction materials. We bring precision, safety, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness to every job, large or small.

From highways, bridges, runways, and industry yards to sidewalks, driveways, foundations, and patios, we have the exact equipment and expertise to quickly and efficiently demolish and remove your structure while protecting the surrounding property. We handle permitting and follow all environmental regulations. The recovered materials are then recycled for reuse in new construction projects around the region. This keeps thousands of tons of material out of landfills each year.

Capabilities Overview

Asphalt milling and removal
Concrete breaking, crushing, removal, and recycling
Brick and block demolition and disposal
Foundations – crack, dismantle, demolish
Crushing/processing recycled concrete and asphalt for resale
On-site material sorting for recycling
Environmentally-sound landfill disposal services

Equipment Fleet

We invest heavily in our fleet of well-maintained equipment including excavators, loaders, bulldozers, crushing plants, asphalt milling machines, hammer hoes, skid steers, dump trucks, and more. This allows us to choose exactly the right tools for your specific demolition requirements.

Safety First

Every Cornerstone project begins with an evaluation of potential hazards and development of a job safety plan to protect our crew, clients, the public, and the surrounding property and environment. We comply fully with all state and federal worker safety regulations and are available 24/7 in the event of unexpected job site issues.

Sustainable Practices

Cornerstone Crushing diverts over 60,000 tons per year of materials from landfills through efficient sorting and recycling programs. This benefits the environment and our regional construction industry. LEED points may also be earned for your new building project when you use our recycled concrete and asphalt. We follow Ohio EPA regulations related to runoff, erosion control, etc


Cornerstone Crushing mobile equipment

Asphalt Milling and Removal

Over time, weather, traffic, patching materials and other factors take their toll on asphalt surfaces leading to cracking, potholes, uneven surfaces and more. Attempts to simply patch or resurface distressed pavement often fail quickly. Asphalt milling is the precision removal of just the top layer of pavement so a new smooth surface can be properly installed. Cornerstone’s advanced equipment and highly-skilled operators provide Ohio DOT specification milling for roads, runways, parking lots, yards, and more. We also offer full-depth asphalt pavement removal when reconstruction is needed. The recycled asphalt is properly transported for reuse in hot mix asphalt products.

Concrete Removal and Recycling

Since concrete cannot simply be milled like asphalt, the demolition process requires breaking, removal, transportation, and recycling. Cornerstone’s extreme versatility allows us to take out concrete surfaces of nearly any size and depth including highways, bridges, runways, industrial slabs, foundations, walls and more. Highly experienced crews use advanced hydraulic hammers and other pneumatic tools along with excavators, loaders, and crushers to break concrete into reusable pieces in a controlled manner. The debris is safely loaded for transport to our recycling plant where materials like rebar are separated out and the remaining concrete is processed to specification for reuse as road base, drainage media, and in new concrete mixes.
Crushed Stone

Brick and Block Demolition

From decorative landscape walls to structural commercial block walls, brick and block demolition brings unique challenges that demand Cornerstone’s specialized experience with the right equipment and techniques. We dismantle these structures methodically to recover the maximum amount of material for recycling while protecting adjacent property. Customers also trust us for proper landfill disposal services when materials cannot be recovered.

Foundations - Crack, Dismantle, Remove

Taking out old foundations, particularly those with reinforced steel, requires strategic cracking techniques before machines can dismantle and remove the pieces. Attempting to just pull out deep foundation walls with heavy equipment often leads to excessive vibration, potential soil destabilization issues, and damage to nearby structures or utilities. Cornerstone’s controlled methods break the foundation into removable, recyclable segments while retaining adjacent soil stability. For commercial buildings, we offer sawing and selective demolition floors and walls so remodeling can begin. Hazardous materials surveys are completed prior when required.
concrete recycling

Why Choose Cornerstone?

Extensive demolition experience since 1998
Cost-efficiency from optimal equipment and minimal downtime
Strict safety record and procedures
Recycling keeps materials out of the waste stream
Skilled professionals make the process smooth
Able to handle any size job

Whether your upcoming project requires demolition site preparation, pavement milling prior to resurfacing, removal of obsolete infrastructure, or recycling damaged concrete and asphalt, Cornerstone Crushing has the equipment diversity, workmanship experience, environmental diligence, and customer care to make your job a success. Contact us online or call 419.260.3626

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